MSI Wind PC (desktop)

MSI Wind Nettop is a barebone system from a well-known motherboard manufacturer, MicroStar International. The Nettop is a desktop version of MSI Wind Netbook (a sub-notebook class intend for net browsing and lite-office work). Since it’s a barebone system so tehre’s no input and output device included with the system (no monitor, mouse and keyboard).

It bundled with Linux Mint 5.0 O/S and driver for Windows XP. The power source come from a 19V DC adapter. So this system is more like notebook, but without battery.

The specification of the system :
1. Processor : Intel Atom N230 1,6 Ghz (non upgradable)
2. Memory : 1 slot x 1 Gbyte SO-DIMM from RData
3. DVD-drive : Lite-on DVD-ROM / CD-RW combo, SATA(Not DVD-RW)
4. Harddisk : 160GB Western Digital WD1600AAJS-2, SATA
5. Power consumption : 25W (idle) to 65W (processing)

The rest of the spec, can be seen here

The purpose of buying this product is to have an affordable machine which can run 24/7 all the time (I hope at least 1 year) with low running wattage that can perform light task such as word processing, net browsing, personal web server, p2p networking, etc. I’ve been looking for sometime, but so far the alternative is only come from notebook which is not suitable for this. Until recently, I heard about Mini-ITX, Micro and Pico size. But I still doubt about them. Then come the development of Atom processor by Intel. I keep monitoring the development until it’s ready for the market and mature enough.

My consideration include several factors i.e :
1. Processor, must consume low-wattage but still powerful enough todo office task
2. CPU casing form factor and weight, must be small enough to carry and light
3. Portability and connectivity, 6 USB connectors and card reader are quite enough
4, Storage feature, DVD and HD drive bay

After considering for quite some time, include comparing to other similar products, then I pick up this MSI system. I hope it will meet my expectation.


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